Art at the Centre presents Promenade inside ROOM, an exhibition which looks at how people move through public space, as part of the weekend’s Promenade festival. Promenade Festival aims to celebrate Heritage, Architecture and Art in Sheerness with a series of events, talks and performances.

The word promenade means a leisurely walk or a public place for walking. Sheerness seafront is architecturally framed by the concrete promenade which wraps around the town.ROOM has been placed directly onto the walkway to draw in visitors as they conduct their own promenade.ROOMpresents new works by two recent graduates Jim Allchin, and Amy Curtis.

Amy’s piece will be focusing around the Sheppey light railway that used to run on the island from 1901-1950, using the route it took from Queenborough to Leysdown as a way of journeying around the island, whilst bearing in mind the connections it had with bringing holiday makers to the island as well as it being part of the islands history.

Amy said: “I am creating an authentic looking fold out map in the sort of style that would have been provided at the time of the railway, using images alongside each stop showing what exists there now merged with parts of the old stations to show that it was once a railway”.

100 limited edition copies of Amy’ Map of Sheppey light rail, were produced and handed out for free to visitors to ROOM over the festival weekend.

Amy Curtis –

Jim’s work is a film he made called ‘Running the Tide’. The film itself simply documents me running from the shore line to the edge of the tide at its lowest point

“The act of running the tide is something I have performed before against time. I have no desire to attach any greater meaning to the work than that however inexplicably strange it may seem it is purely a celebration of place and the act of running.”

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Change Management

Dan Scott is a sound artist and Trish Scott a performance and video artist, both based in Faversham, Kent. With a background in social anthropology, they have recently graduated from the University of the Arts London – Dan with an MA in sound art from the London College of Communication and Trish with an MA in Fine Art from Camberwell College. Dan and Trish have been working together since 2007 including on site specific projects in Germany, Iceland, Portugal and Spain. Their collaborative practice explores place based narratives (both real and imagined).

The Island

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A summer residency in Room by painter Greg Reed

Residency period 15th July – 29th July 2011 , Public view 15th July, 5-8pm

Leysdown Plaza, Leysdown-on-Sea, Sheppey

During the spring and summer of 2011, Art at the Centre is inviting local artists to become resident inside Room, and to make work whilst in situ. During the busy summer period in Leysdown, painter Greg Reed will be on the sea front making work in response to his environment.

Greg Reed will be presenting a series of oil paintings and images that reflect the mood and atmosphere of the island; The images will be of the  towns, marshes the coast and industry on Sheppey; semi-abstract representational, with traces of the  history and the past within the paintings.

The work will represent the uniqueness of Swale, that it seems very much a  place frozen somewhere in the mid-twentieth century ; that hasn’t been sanitised by the commercial progress of most of the South East of England.  The paintings will be of the present , but have the old world of the island transparently visible as layers beneath the surface.

You can be whoever you want in Leysdown

18th June – 12th July 2011
Public View –
Saturday 18th June 2-5pm
A Conversation with the artist – Wednesday 22nd June 6-7pm
Room, the Plaza, End of the Promenade, Leysdown-on-Sea, Sheppey Kent, ME12 4QB

Lucy Harrison has been working in Leysdown and meeting local traders and residents during the winter months when there are no holidaymakers. Her project is inspired by the conversations she has had with local people, and she has developed a series of silkscreened posters to be displayed in various sites in the town, including inside local businesses. The work responds to how people feel about Leysdown, a place which completely changes according to the seasons.

Everyone is invited to join the Art at the Centre team at the Public view on Saturday the 18th June. Lucy Harrison will be discussing the experience of her Residency with Lead Artist Nicole Mollett on Wednesday 22nd June.

The next stage…Sioux Peto

May 2011, Sittingbourne

This installation is a look at our destiny.

Sioux’s work is concerned with environmental issues raising awareness of the problems caused by littering, climate change and waste management.

The Room will be transformed into a futuristic, eccentric, mutant plastic world with weird sounds and random lighting. Sioux will be making delicate origami paper butterflies and birds with you to add to the space or for you to take away and remind you of your encounter! These represent the fragile balance we need to achieve within our own environments.. Its a must see experience.

Swale is a beautiful area of natural importance – we need to look after it

My Grandfather’s Stories -Julie Bradshaw

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Sittingbourne High Street Plaza (opposite Swale House) ME10 3HT
26th April -2nd May
Public View, 3rd May5-7pm 

During the spring and summer of 2011, Art at the Centre is inviting local artists to become resident inside Room, and to make work whilst in situ. The inaugural residency will be conducted by Swale artist Julie Bradshaw who specializes in installation art. Her work is process based, and is strongly influenced by personal narratives.

Julie’sancestors have lived in theMiltonarea for many generations. Her work is influenced by stories told by her parents about both her great, great grandfather and grandfather lives. Julie’s great Grandfather was a barge master and regularly sailed down theMiltonCreek. Whilst in the next generation, her grandfather, dived for oysters in the Creek, to earn a living. She is looking to research and creatively explore the fascinating links between her personal history and theMilton Creekof today. The works produced will contain of echoes of the past, whilst presenting a portrait of the Creek in its contemporary context.


360 degree – Agnieska Kozlowska

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Queenborough and Rushenden Residency – Agnieszka Kozlowska


Art at the Centre placed pinhole artist Agnieszka in Q&R to capture the waterways and maritime history of the area. She decided to try and create a 360 degrees portrait of the area from the water, using everything from a well to a puddle, to a stream and the Swale to take images of. The resulting works produced were evocative and mysterious, and applied an unexpected feeling of romance to the everyday places of the town.

The pinhole photography artworks were shown in ROOM and other locations across Sheppey January 2010.

Queenborough and Rushenden: 360º water

27th January – 27th February

Queenborough and Rushenden’s maritime history has been the focus of the residency by artist Agnieszka Kozlowska, who decided to capture this long-standing connection with the sea by using pinhole photography. Being a very basic and even primitive technique, it is a fantastic tool for discovering unusual perspectives of familiar places, which could be revealing to visitors and residents alike.

The artist discovered that Queenborough and Rushenden not only have a waterfront, but are surrounded by water from virtually all sides – by canals, ponds and water basins. This inspired her to draw a portrait of the place quite literally from all angles, from the perspective of a camera placed in or just above water. The residency created a unique opportunity for discovering a single place with great intensity and focus.

Art at the Centre has spread the exhibition of Agnieszka’s photographs over a number of locations around Sheerness, Queenborough and Rushenden to encourage visitors to make their own journey of discovery. This residency is one of three Residencies currently managed by the Art at the Centre project, to find out more go to

For more information on Kozlowska work go to