360 degree – Agnieska Kozlowska

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Queenborough and Rushenden Residency – Agnieszka Kozlowska


Art at the Centre placed pinhole artist Agnieszka in Q&R to capture the waterways and maritime history of the area. She decided to try and create a 360 degrees portrait of the area from the water, using everything from a well to a puddle, to a stream and the Swale to take images of. The resulting works produced were evocative and mysterious, and applied an unexpected feeling of romance to the everyday places of the town.

The pinhole photography artworks were shown in ROOM and other locations across Sheppey January 2010.

Queenborough and Rushenden: 360º water

27th January – 27th February

Queenborough and Rushenden’s maritime history has been the focus of the residency by artist Agnieszka Kozlowska, who decided to capture this long-standing connection with the sea by using pinhole photography. Being a very basic and even primitive technique, it is a fantastic tool for discovering unusual perspectives of familiar places, which could be revealing to visitors and residents alike.

The artist discovered that Queenborough and Rushenden not only have a waterfront, but are surrounded by water from virtually all sides – by canals, ponds and water basins. This inspired her to draw a portrait of the place quite literally from all angles, from the perspective of a camera placed in or just above water. The residency created a unique opportunity for discovering a single place with great intensity and focus.

Art at the Centre has spread the exhibition of Agnieszka’s photographs over a number of locations around Sheerness, Queenborough and Rushenden to encourage visitors to make their own journey of discovery. This residency is one of three Residencies currently managed by the Art at the Centre project, to find out more go to www.swale.gov.uk/aatc.

For more information on Kozlowska work go to http://www.kozlowska.eu/.


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