Different Perspective Rushenden

Photographic Exhibition,1st-30th November 2010, Rushenden Court, Rushenden Road

Charlotte Huggins, Richard Perry, Andy Rygielski, Alan Ronan, Nicole Mollett, and Chloe Collins

To celebrate the natural beauty of Rushenden, Art at the Centre invitied artist Richard Perry to lead the third Roaming Perspectives workshop on Saturday the 12th of June. Artist Richard Perry has been commissioned to deliver the Art in the Public Realm project in Rushenden, which consists of a two major new commissioned permanent works. The fence colour palette project was informed by the photographs taken by the locals on the walk.

Rushenden is positioned on the western side of the Isle of Sheppey, bordering on to ancient marshland, and close to sites of historic significance including Deadman’s Island, and one of the earliest settlements on the Island. The area has seen many forms of industrial use, and still has a working mini railway with carries scrap metal across the main road. The walk led the group through a range of inspirational landscapes, and will focus on capturing the colours and textures that exist both in the natural and manufactured environment.


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