My Grandfather’s Stories -Julie Bradshaw

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Sittingbourne High Street Plaza (opposite Swale House) ME10 3HT
26th April -2nd May
Public View, 3rd May5-7pm 

During the spring and summer of 2011, Art at the Centre is inviting local artists to become resident inside Room, and to make work whilst in situ. The inaugural residency will be conducted by Swale artist Julie Bradshaw who specializes in installation art. Her work is process based, and is strongly influenced by personal narratives.

Julie’sancestors have lived in theMiltonarea for many generations. Her work is influenced by stories told by her parents about both her great, great grandfather and grandfather lives. Julie’s great Grandfather was a barge master and regularly sailed down theMiltonCreek. Whilst in the next generation, her grandfather, dived for oysters in the Creek, to earn a living. She is looking to research and creatively explore the fascinating links between her personal history and theMilton Creekof today. The works produced will contain of echoes of the past, whilst presenting a portrait of the Creek in its contemporary context.



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