The Island

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A summer residency in Room by painter Greg Reed

Residency period 15th July – 29th July 2011 , Public view 15th July, 5-8pm

Leysdown Plaza, Leysdown-on-Sea, Sheppey

During the spring and summer of 2011, Art at the Centre is inviting local artists to become resident inside Room, and to make work whilst in situ. During the busy summer period in Leysdown, painter Greg Reed will be on the sea front making work in response to his environment.

Greg Reed will be presenting a series of oil paintings and images that reflect the mood and atmosphere of the island; The images will be of the  towns, marshes the coast and industry on Sheppey; semi-abstract representational, with traces of the  history and the past within the paintings.

The work will represent the uniqueness of Swale, that it seems very much a  place frozen somewhere in the mid-twentieth century ; that hasn’t been sanitised by the commercial progress of most of the South East of England.  The paintings will be of the present , but have the old world of the island transparently visible as layers beneath the surface.


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