The Shipping News ROOM


Germander Speedwell’s presentation of final work Event.

Free – no booking needed – everyone welcome!

Thursday February 23 at 1.00pm sharp

at Castle Connections Community and Art Centre

(alongside the castle mound, near the train station)

RailwayTerrace/Well Road

Queenborough, Isle ofSheppey,KentME11 5AY

Following Germander Speedwell’s residency in The Shipping News Room sited on Queenborough Town Quay, she will present her word piece inspired by the shipping and boating movements seen in the harbour and creek. 

At 1.00pm Germander will introduce and read her piece, following which everyone is invited to come on a sociable stroll down to the Creek and Harbour, where Germander will point out some of the fascinating activity and surprising links she has found in Queenborough or visible from the Harbour.

The café will be open for refreshments to have before or take in to the event.


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