ROOM is coming to Faversham


John Dargan

ROOM is moving to FavershamWharf on the 8th February for a different take on Swale’s connection to the sea. The beauty and uniqueness of Iron Wharf in Faversham, is its position and the rich expertise and knowledge about boatmaking which happens there. Painter John Dargan will place his studio in the heart of the Wharf activity for two weeks inside ROOM in order to make a new series of responses to the changes happening within this small community.

8th -28th February 2012

ROOM, Iron Wharf, Faversham ME13 7BY

Faversham Record

a sonic portrait of Faversham

Dan Scott

During March 2012 ROOM will become a recording studio, gathering the sounds (real, imagined or otherwise) of the town. Over the month, through workshops and open studio sessions, residents of Faversham will be able to bring sounds to ROOM, or suggest sounds to be recorded; documenting Faversham past and present and opening up new associations with history, memory and everyday life. Sound artist Dan Scott will collate and transform these sounds into ten tracks, creating a sonic portrait of the town.

During the final weekend these tracks will be available on MP3 players for residents to listen to at various locations in the town. favershamrecord will offer audiences a sonic re-imagining of the town. The ten tracks, as well as an archive of all the collected sounds, will also be available on a favershamrecord blog.


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