ROOM will be traveling to the Brighton Photo Biennial 2012


6 October – 4 November 2012

Brighton Photo Biennial is the largest and most exciting curated photography festival in the UK and with 60,000 visitors in 2010, one of the best attended in the world.

In 2011, Photoworks and the Brighton Photo Biennial merged, successfully securing 3 year funding from Arts Council England

Room has been invited to help showcase some of the projects happening the2012 Biennale. The Space will travel to Brighton at the end of September, More details of this exciting collaboration will be posted soon!


ROOM 2-4 week residency opportunity, Faversham

ROOM is staying on the Faversham Recreation Ground, in the lead up to the Olympic torch event which is happening on the 19th July 2012.

This is a self-funded residency aimed at emerging artists, there is currently no materials or subsistance money available. The project will be supported by marketing and promotional help, website listings, and help with coordinating and end ‘showcasing’ event for each project selected. Artists will be responsible for opening and closing the space on a daily basis, and will need to provide a suitable insurance to cover activities held within the space (whether lone working or with groups).

The supply of electricity is free, and there is no rental costs. There are public toilet facilties within 100 yards of the space, and the space is fully disabled accessible ( for lone working people in wheelchairs will need help placing the entrance ramp). The recreation ground is an open well used public space owned by Swale Borough Council, which is approximately five minutes walk for the town centre and the train station.

Artists can propose to use the space for any length of time up to approximately one month. The space can be used as a studio, thus there is no expectation to have activities for the public, or be open at certain times. If artists wish to be not disturbed a simple sign can be hung on the doors, to alert passerbys to this. The aim to to hold a showcasing weekend, or ‘open studio’ event at the end of the residency, where the public can come in and see the work.

Artists wishing to apply are invited to email the following documents;

  • ·        A single page Proposal of research/activity
  • ·        CV or artists statement
  • ·        Link to website or 5 low resolution images showing examples of previous work.

Applications must be sent to; by the 1st April 2012.

Artist who have used the space so far include; Dan Scott, John Dargan, Germander Speedwell, Chris Reed, Jane Pitt, Trish Scott, Erin Newell, Greg Reed, Julie Bradshaw, Richard Perry, Agnieszka Kozlowzska, Sioux Peto, Amy Curtis and Jim Allchin.

Faversham..this is Faversham

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Photos by Matt King and Nicole Mollett.

Artist Dan Scott led groups of visitors around the town of Faversham, whilst they listened to specially constructed tracks using the sounds he had recorded mixed with some more fantastical noises. For example there was a track made especially for Tescos, within which he had taken the noises the fridges and the tills make, and mixed it up into a sort of techno/disco beat.

Inside room there was a specially tuned piano, on which each note played a different sound taken from the town. Visitors could construct their own creative mix track by simply playing with the keyboard in the space.

For more information on the project go to

Favershamrecord on Rec

Dan Scott is collecting sounds in ROOM for the next two weeks to create a series of  downloadable soundtracks to the town of Faversham. Go to his website to suggest a sound;

ROOM will be open 10.30am-4pm on Saturdays & Sunday. Its is positioned in the car park of the Faversham Recreation Ground, off Park Road.

Here are a series of questions to inspire;

Where are your favourite places for peace and quiet?

Where do you go for noise and chatter?

Are there any places in Faversham that make you think of a particular piece of music?

Are there any pieces of music that remind you of a place in Faversham?