Common Ground

Kate Matthews & Hazel Stone

25th June -8th July

Public Open Day; Sunday 8th July, 2-4pm

‘Common Ground’ is a project which will draw out connections between the local residents of Faversham.  Artists, Hazel Stone and Kate Matthews are working collaboratively during the residency to research the population of Faversham by devising original methods of data collection which will include interviewing on the street and door to door questioning. To begin with residents will be selected randomly on the basis of house number and door colour.

Participants will be asked a number of questions which will then be used to map common links between individuals living in the surrounding area and how they connect to one another in subtle and surprising ways.  This project aims to produce new pathways into creative data analysis, how it is presented and original research methods.

Common Ground aims to create a sense of community for the local residents, prompt more dialogue and highlight unconsidered common ground.  A limited edition certificate produced during the residency will be given to all participants.


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