Common Ground Showcasing


 Artists Kate Matthews and Hazel Stone did a  2 week residency in ROOM on Faversham Recreation Ground. During which time they interviewed 70 local people asking them a series of questioned relating to things they like doing, and what places they liked to go to in Faversham. Highlights included sections of ladders growing from floors and ceiling, which were the creative representation of percentage of people would/would not walk under a ladder in the street.

I was particularly taken by their ballon project. They decided one day to fill the large playing field behind the space with red and white hellium balloons. This attracted passer-bys who they then invited to answer a question and be photographed holding one of the the balloons. The question was; Are you in love? The people who said yes were given a red balloon and the ones who said no were given a white balloon. The photographs where then collaged onto the image of the expanded field to show all the answers.

They also made a beautiful string map which was made by projecting the map of Faversham on the wall, then marking where each participant lived with a white flag, then linking each person’s flag to the questions they answered using coloured thread. Some people choose to not identify where they lived, which is why a few of the flags are stuck towards the top lefthand side.

The project was a beautifully bonkers way of mapping Faversham’s residents, both fun and thought provoking. Proving that is not statistics that are boring, but it is what you choose to do with them that makes the difference!

watch the film here ;


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