ROOM is a studio and gallery inside a shipping container.

The Room transforms a familiar utilitarian object to provide a comfortable, mobile environment.  A series of window boxes in the container’s skin, each with a distinctive character, fills it with natural light and sets up visual connections between the space of the interior and the surroundings. Room moves every few months to new locations across the South East , to create a flexible space for making and showing art. 

inside room

Proposals can be made to host ROOM or present projects inside the space for further details contact Nicole Mollett (nicole@ nicolemollett.co.uk). Please be aware the space is currently seeking funding, thus any applications to use the space need to be able to cover transportation and maintenance costs.

Art at the Centre Swale commissioned architect/artist Simon Barker to design and deliver the space in 2010. Since then Room has traveled to ten different places and engaged multiple communities in participatory art projects.

Simon Barker trained in architecture at the Bartlett school, University College London. He works as an architect and designer as well as making and exhibiting art. He has a particular interest in landscape and place and has been involved in several significant public art projects as an extension of both his architectural and artistic practices. Since 1991 he has been a partner in Barker Shorten Architects; lectured at Kent Institute of Art and Design, University for the Creative Arts, and the University of Kent.


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